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Parents can obtain information about their own child's school by speaking to school staff, reading school publications such as newsletters, and searching the school's website. This page provides links to websites and other information relating to education which parents may find helpful.  


Getting organised for school can be a hassle - below are some tips that might help to make it a little easier...

Listed below are some simple strategies that can be useful to get everyone into a positive routine for school days!

Ensuring your child has had adequate rest is very important. Is your child getting to bed at a reasonable time? Children’s need for rest can vary at times and changes in temperature can affect your child’s sleep patterns. It is important to set an agreed bedtime, and stick to it where possible. If your child is wakeful, encourage them to read quietly in their bed or listen to some quiet, restful music.

Setting a regular pattern of events in the morning can impact on how smoothly and happily everyone gets ready for school. Here are a few ideas that other parents have found useful which can save a lot of last minute headaches and fuss:

The night before:

  • Check that your child/ren's school clothes are clean and ready for the next day. Encourage them to place their shoes with their clothes in readiness.
  • Are there any additional activities happening (eg. sport, library?) Have your child place the necessary items in or beside their school bag.
  • Lunches can also be prepared or semi prepared. Children can help with this.

  • Bags can be packed (don't forget hats) by child/ren and placed in a regular spot ready for the next morning.

In the morning:

  • Using an alarm will ensure everyone is out of bed with plenty of time to get ready.

  • Be positive! Grumpy parents make for grumpy children. Encourage and give positive feedback.

  • Keep the TV off!  If the TV is to go on, only allow it to go on after your child is absolutely ready to go!

  • Provide a healthy breakfast eg. cereal, milk, juice, water, toast and spread, fresh fruit. Kids are like cars …they run (behave and learn) better on good fuel.

  • Encourage children to get ready by themselves: cleaning teeth, brushing hair, packing school bag, making bed, helping them only where needed.

  • Leave the house on time. Setting the kitchen timer can be a help here. Tell the children that when the alarm goes you will be leaving for school; make sure you are ready yourself!

Last reviewed 25 March 2015
Last updated 25 March 2015