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Download Skoolbag for your smartphone

Skoolbag is a school to parent communication tool for smartphones - it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play - download instructions are available in Related Links. 
The Skoolbag app allows us to send reminders to parents and carers and will contain links to our website and contact information.  
Some parents have reported that they are not receiving notifications when new alerts are sent - this seems to be an issue particularly with iPhones - if you are having difficulties, we would suggest delete the app from your device and reinstall it - also click More ... and Setup within the app to ensure that you have switched on notifications for the appropriate year levels. You may also need to check your Application settings on your device.
We continue to maintain our school website as the main communication tool, and the QSchools app (released by Education Qld) immediately reflects new additions to the news, calendar and newsletter sections of our website, however it does not notify you of these additions - you do need to open the app to find out whether there are new additions.  
The advantage of the Skoolbag app is you will receive a notification when we send quick alerts to the whole school and particular year levels - you can set the filters in Setup. Some alerts will go everyone - e.g milkshakes for sale tomorrow, whereas some messages such as year 3 excursion money due tomorrow would only be sent to those who have set the filters for year 3.
This app will be extremely valuable when school events are threatened by weather or other unforeseen circumstances - we can alert parents quickly and easily via your smartphone, rather than parents having to phone the school for information - for example if it is raining on the day of the swimming carnival we can send out an alert early in the morning, letting you know whether it will go ahead or not.
The app also has the facility for users to update contact details or advise of student absence (an email is sent to our school office through the app but you don't have to have email enabled on your phone), however given that students with smartphones can download this app, you may be asked to confirm that the information provided through the app is accurate.